On a mission to connect people with our planet

Greenpop is a Cape Town-based social enterprise. They plant trees, spread environmental awareness, and activate people through reforestation projects, workshops, and green festivals. Greenpop has planted over 56,000 trees in forests across Southern and East Africa since 2010.

In 2012 Greenpop launched Greenpop Zambia, an environmental and eco-awareness project which began with a 3-week tree planting event and was followed by an ongoing campaign to spread awareness about deforestation, climate change, tree planting, environmental sustainability and alternative energy sources.

The Greenpop Zambia Festival of Action now happens annually in Livingstone to boost the ongoing project and plant trees in schools, on subsistence farms and in reforestation sites. We host sustainability workshops on a variety of environmental topics for school children, subsistence farmers and event participants. Greenpop Zambia is a holistic project based on getting people active about a sustainable future, planting trees and sharing knowledge.

As part of our tree planting and eco-education program, we plant trees at schools in and around Livingstone. The aim is to fix nitrates for fruit trees, beautify school premises and teach children the value of growing and caring for trees. In addition, we plant various non-invasive fruit trees at schools to provide food for children and in some subsistence farming sites to help feed communities or act as an income stream. We buy a majority of the trees that we plant from local tree growers to support them and show the value of growing trees to the community.

When planting trees at schools, we teach children about their natural environment and the importance of trees. The children play an active role in planting the trees, and through a creative educational program, we teach them how to identify different trees, how to look after trees, and why trees are essential to a healthy living environment. In collaboration with the Department of Education in Livingstone, we develop and distribute environmentally focused material that is specifically designed to speak to children’s knowledge and understanding, and we make sure our workshops are fun and interactive.

We have a thorough monitoring system and follow up with the schools on a regular basis. We provide on-going support to the schools in their care for the trees, as well as with any other environmental questions and concerns they have.